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Before this encounter with cancer,

Ethan was traveling the world, teaching Yoga, offering intuitive coaching, studying Dance, Writing Music, Practicing Massage & more.


He was living on the big island of Hawaii for quite some time, never got a headache in years, felt healthy in all ways; supporting retreats with his gifts within a Shamanic Community. - when in October 2019 his intuition told him to head back to the mainland to work, save up funds & share time with family before returning to Hawaii.

A man wearing shorts does a hand stand


On his flight from Hawaii to New York,

he suffered the worst headache of his life and had a minor stroke, leading to slight paralysis on the left side of his body. He went to the hospital and discovered he had a massive tumor (stage 4 brain cancer/glioblastoma).

The tumor found was so enlarged (the size of a large plum), and causing so much damage, that Ethan had no choice but to receive immediate surgery.  While the procedure went as well as it could, only 90% of the tumor could be safely removed.


The cancer was said to have been there for 8 + years.

An MRI image of a human brain with a tumor circled in yellow

Although Ethan felt strongly to treat his condition as holistically as possible - he chose to have 7 weeks of intensive radiation and chemo to halt the glioblastoma, trusting that he could recover with holistic modalities afterwards.

Ethan ended up  having grand mal seizures, constant pain, and cl

A man with a beard is sitting in a hospital bed with wires attached to him. He has had recent surgery on his head and is healing.



Although Ethan's mind and heart are resilient, and he has remained committed to healing himself, and creating a beautiful life despite his condition, there are still very real and urgent challenges he is facing.

Ethan recently had his 3rd and 4th head surgery in September to clean out another head infection, then cut transplant abdominal tissue to replace section of missing skull on his head.

While in the hospital in September 2020, Ethan began to notice more numbness on left side of his body.

Doctors carried out an MRI and saw that the tumor had regrown.

A smiling man with a beard is wearing a blue helmet to protect his skull after having a piece removed due to a head infection.

Having so recently undergone head surgery, and with abdominal tissue covering the hole in his head where infected skull was removed, radiation and surgery were no longer options.

Given little hope by the doctors, Ethan left the hospital, and is now in the fight for his life, using every natural, life-affirming modality to reduce inflammation, dissolve the glioblastoma, and rebuild the body.


A colorful animated graphic image with a watercolor background, a butterfly and a beautiful pink flower blooming over and over. Below this is the planet earth against a starry galaxy.

Ethan's vision is to inspire others with severe conditions like his - by sharing his story, cultivating radiant health on all levels, manifesting his inner gifts (writing, yoga, art, dance, music, healing, coaching, spiritual  work), and helping others evolve into the highest version of themselves during this great worldwide shift.


1. Immuno (gcmaf): $325/ bottle, $1,300/month: 


2. Functional medicine doctor treatments (Biocharger, PEMF table, Field Control Therapy advanced homeopathy, blood tests): 3 month program, $5k + supplements and blood tests not covered by insurance)

3. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber: 2-3x/week $200/treatment,

4. Intravenous Ozone: 3x/week, $100/each, $1,200/month

5. RIFE Machine: $3k

6. Kangen 8 Water Purification Alkaline water system: $180/month x 24 months: $4,320


Help Ethan fully heal from brain cancer, multiple head infections, 4 head surgeries (1 more remaining) and 13+ months of challenge, so he can share his gifts with the world!

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