5 Seconds of Surrender:

Mastering The Death~Rebirth Portal

with Ethan Sisser

A Man with Glioblastoma

and a Vision

Leverage your past experiences.

Embody the present with courage.

Cultivate your soul’s mission.


Starting today.

Sundays & Thursdays 8-9PM EST 

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Ethan Sisser is a man living with glioblastoma (stage 4 brain cancer)...and a Vision.


This is not a course about reincarnation, except in the sense that in each moment we reincarnate from the last, and have the opportunity to create something new.

In this unparalleled course, Ethan will assist the group in exploring how to live fully, find vibrant meaning in a world of impermanence, and how our inevitable death can empower our life, and make profound changes in how we live today.

Realm 1 - The Present 

1. Courageously looking at what's happening in your life
2. Exploring the death energy
   a. Defining death
   b. Our relationship with this energy
3. What is your life mission/vision (how do you stay connected to THIS MOMENT here and now, and what is your long-term life vision?)
4. Imagine you just took a truth pill, then answer the following question: What recurring themes, experiences, or patterns in your life would you like to release, heal, and transmute? 
5. Daily homework exercises to be completed and sent to Ethan

Realm 2 - The Past

1. Exploring the past

a. Origin of recurring themes in your life

2. Leveraging the past to support your vision
3. Relationships
4. Giving back 
5. What is your life mission/vision (moment-to-moment, and bigger picture)?

Realm 3 - The Future

1. Past experiences, and life purpose as it relates to the world
2. Legacy and the world
3. Giving back
4. What is your life mission/vision (moment-to-moment, and bigger picture)?


Ethan Sisser has spent a lifetime curious about human psychology, energy, what is reality, and the questions “Who AM I” & “Why am I here?”

Ethan’s childhood traumas, and resulting years of escape routines, led to the formation of a brain tumor which was diagnosed in October 2019. Luckily, many years of yoga practices, countless hours of therapy, meditation, shamanic practices, and other forms of healing allowed Ethan to integrate the past patterns and traumas BEFORE his minor stroke, Stage 4 Brain Cancer discovery, and the ensuing 16+ month journey of brain surgery, constant pain, radiation, seizures, multiple head infections, and several more head surgeries, with the western doctors telling him that no cure is currently possible.

Having faced his own Death~Rebirth Portal, and using his lifelong training to powerfully navigate through this experience, Ethan’s life and passion now is to share his experiences and realizations with others. His observations and techniques allow us to leverage our past experiences, powerfully embody the present, and cultivate our lifeʻs mission - TODAY, just as we are. These practices and principles can be used at any age and stage of life, and can be especially effective given the turmoil of our current age.